Experts claim Meghan and Harry were criticized over their new job because they “know nothing about finance.”


Experts claim Meghan and Harry were criticized over their new job because they “know nothing about finance.”

Following their announcement that they will be becoming “impact partners” at sustainable investment firm Ethic Capital, royal historian Angela Levin claimed the Sussexes “know zero” about money.

An analyst has stated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticized for entering the financial field since they “know zero” about finance.

They announced that they will become “impact partners” and investors in Ethic, a sustainable investment firm.

The Duke and Duchess expressed their hope that it would encourage more people to “have a seat at the table when decisions are made,” and promised to “rethink the nature of investing” in order to assist in the resolution of important global concerns.

The amount of skill or prior experience required for the cooperation is presently unknown.

However, according to The Sun, royal writer Angela Levin claims the pair “knows nothing” about the business because they are “not financiers.”

“They want to come back [to the UK]every now and again and either film what they’re doing or have grievances to discuss when they come back home,” Levin told GB News, “but it will keep them up as royals.”

“The longer they stay away and don’t come to the UK, the less people will care about them because they don’t know what’s going on.”

“They’re quite cunning with that – they want to keep one finger on the Royal Family in the UK just so they can be associated with companies they have no knowledge of and can’t give them anything – they’re not financiers, they know nothing – but their names will help them do it and earn a lot of money.”

“When we invest in each other, we transform the world,” the pair said in a statement released yesterday.

Our choices – of how and where we put our energy – define us as a global community, whether through time investment (as with mentoring), community investment (as with volunteering), or financial commitment (for those who have the means to).

“We feel it is time for more individuals to have a place at the table when decisions that affect everyone are made,” they continued.

“To assist tackle the global difficulties we all confront, we seek to redefine the nature of investing.”

“That is one of the ways we demonstrate our ideals.”

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