Expert warning as Pingdemic cases rise — ’75 percent want masks,’ says BBC Newsnight.


Expert warning as Pingdemic cases rise — ’75 percent want masks,’ says BBC Newsnight.

As the Pingdemic spreads, experts issue a warning: ‘75 percent want masks,’ according to BBC Newsnight.

According to an expert, the PINGDEMIC has indicated that the number of coronavirus cases is increasing, which is leading to a rise in the number of contacts.

Professor Stephen Reicher has warned that the “pingdemic” is simply a demonstration of the virus’s global dissemination. The expert is a member of SPI-B, a group of behavioral scientists linked with Sage that advises the government on “anticipating and helping people in adhering to interventions.”

He made it clear that he was not advocating for a return to lockdown, but rather that “reasonable” measures be implemented.

He told BBC Newsnight, “The problem isn’t the pings.” The pings actually alert you to a problem so you can take action.

“The problem is that because there are so many people who are infected, people come into contact with other infected people.

“At the end of the day, what are we going to do about that level of infection?”

“It was self-evident that if you hit 50,000 infections a day – or, as Sajid Javid predicted, up to 100,000, and some even say 200,000 – a large number of people would have to self-isolate, and a large number of contacts would be contacted,” she said.

He continued, “We’re not talking about going back into lockdown, but we’re talking about realistic measures like mask retention, social separation, and sufficient ventilation…

“What’s even more remarkable is that the vast majority of people agree with you when polled.

“So two-thirds of people think the administration moved too hastily, and around 75% think the masks should be kept…”


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