Expert – ‘Protective’ believes Kate and William generate ‘great pride’ in Norfolk residents.


Expert – ‘Protective’ believes Kate and William generate ‘great pride’ in Norfolk residents.

KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William, according to a royal expert, generate “great pride” in their Norfolk neighbors.

Norfolk residents are said to like their royal neighbors, the Cambridges, who dine, shop, and spend time outside like any other family. After The Sun published a photo of Kate, William, and their three children eating burgers and chips in a Norfolk pub garden earlier this month, many people questioned how the monarchs managed to avoid the media and a large security team.

According to royal expert Kate Nicholl, because to the kindness of the villagers, the royals are usually relaxed in Norfolk.

“If you talk to somebody from North Norfolk, they’re really delighted that William and Kate are continuing a family tradition of affection for Norfolk,” Katie remarked.

In truth, the Cambridges split their time between their London residence, Kensington Palace, and their Norfolk retreat, Anmer Hall.

“Kate and William have a habit of going to the same places,” Ms Nicholl explained, “and these are places where they are well-known and have a strong relationship with the landlord or landlady.”

“They’ve been going to these spots for a long time, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for them to rest there.

“They are fiercely guarded by the inhabitants. People don’t usually take out their camera phones and record them.

“They’re merely left to have a family gathering.”

“It was great to see how down-to-earth the family were,” one witness told The Sun after seeing the family on a beautiful day out.

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They further stated: “It would have been simple to overlook them, assuming they were just another family.

“They were definitely enjoying each other’s company, laughing and conversing.”

According to Ms Nicholl, the royal couple utilizes their time in Norfolk to improve their bond away from the flashes and looks of the cameras.

“One of the few locations they can just enjoy ordinary, everyday events as a family is Norfolk,” she explained.

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