Expert erupts at Prince Harry’s memoir intentions, accusing him of “playing games with the Royal Family.”


Expert erupts at Prince Harry’s memoir intentions, accusing him of “playing games with the Royal Family.”

Royal expert Robert Jobson has lambasted Prince Harry for “playing games” with the Royal Family, despite the Duke’s ambitions to produce a tell-all biography.

Prince Harry has been accused of “playing games” with the rest of the Royal Family, amid reports that the Duke of Sussex may release a new memoir next year. On GB News, royal expert Robert Jobson spoke with host Dan Wootton about the Duke’s planned biography. Mr Jobson predicted that the Prince’s latest PR stunt will have a “significant influence on the Royal Family.”

Mr Jobson said the Prince was essentially “playing a game” with the Royal Family, according to GB News.

“I think he appears little removed from the things he does because when he talks about the Queen, he expresses great fondness and regard for her, and all of these things,” he remarked.

“However, virtually every day, something comes out of his latest project, which he has been working on with this ghostwriter in America for several months.

“Clearly, he understands what he’s been up to, and it’s almost as if he’s been playing a game with the royals.”

“You know, whenever someone talks about reconciliation and mending fences, I can’t see it happening, especially with this book coming out.”

“I am just interested by [the memoir]and I am looking forward to reading it,” he concluded.

“I believe it will have a significant influence on the Royal Family.”

“Harry could care less about his grandmother’s sentiments, his brother’s feelings, or his father’s feelings,” the royal expert continued.

It comes after The Morning Show’s Peter Ford slammed the Duke for his memoir’s bad influence on the Royal Family and the Queen.

“They make it quite obvious in the news release that the revenues are going to charity,” Peter Ford of The Morning Show stated.

To me, that’s…

If they weren’t doing that, I’d almost admire them more.

“Because you wonder, ‘Why are you doing it?’

“If you’re going to give the money to charity anyway, which is wonderful for the charity that will receive it.

“What makes you think you have to put your family through this?

“And what about the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee?

“All this anxiety and concern about what will happen.”


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