Expert claims Kyle Rittenhouse ‘FORCED himself to cry at trial and believes Judge Bruce Schroeder can protect him.’


Expert claims Kyle Rittenhouse ‘FORCED himself to cry at trial and believes Judge Bruce Schroeder can protect him.’

A body language specialist exclusively told The Sun that KYLE Rittenhouse “forced himself to cry” while on the stand on Wednesday and “felt the judge could protect him.”

Before his abrupt dramatic outburst, the 18-year-old was calm and his voice was even, according to Patti Wood.

Before then, during his testimony, he remained cool, his voice was level, and he was in “report mode,” according to Wood.

She stated, “He’s not repressing any of his emotions.” “This is how he feels, and he’s been pushed to relive the events of that evening. In a reported manner, he’s reliving it.” She cited his account of encounters with protestors who were allegedly lighting cars on fire while he marched through the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, armed with an assault rifle and a fire extinguisher.

“When they yell, ‘Burn in hell,’ he calmly states. ‘Friendly, friendly,’ he adds, despite the fact that he is carrying a loaded illegal AR-15 “Wood remarked.

According to the expert, his voice, tone, and body language were all in check, and he showed no symptoms of cracking in past stressful situations.

She claims that his worry and stress don’t build up “as quickly as it would ordinarily” before he loses control of his emotions.

“He’s inhaling and exhaling rapidly. To increase the intensity of his emotional condition, he is inhaling deeply. To get the energy needed to make the tears, “Wood remarked.

“His facial expressions contract and expand, and his respiration becomes more rapid.

🔵 For the most up-to-date information, see our Karl Rittenhouse live blog. “Instead of the typical manner that I have analyzed in witness statements and testimony that I have seen in victims who have been traumatized and asked to go back to the event and relive it,” says the author, “he is attempting to heighten the emotions and make them bigger.” Wood made a point of mentioning his brows.

“Normally, the eyebrows would go in towards the nose in melancholy and dread,” the body language specialist explained.

“They’d be squeezing in under the bridge of the nose.

It’s difficult to consciously manage that area of the body.

“Instead, we’re left with these ordinary, arching brows.

“Rittenhouse’s acts show that he views the judge as someone who can protect and save him,” says the author “Wood remarked.

“That doesn’t mean you’re guilty,” she clarified. “All it tells us is that he thinks of the judge as someone who can save and protect him. He was unfazed by being called to the stand and testifying.” In at least three important pre-trial decisions since September, Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has presided over this case since the outset, has sided with the defense.

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