Exmouth man grades Devon Council letter from education boss fining him

A father has shamed a county education boss who sent him an error-strewn letter fining him £60 for taking his son on a term-time holiday. 

Daniel Moore, 31, from Exmouth, used a red pen to mark the seven spelling mistakes he found and sent it back to Devon County Council calling it a ‘load of tripe’.

Mr Moore was given a £60 penalty for keeping his son Charlie away from school for five days when they went to Mallorca as a family in May. 

Today he called his local authority hypocritical adding he would pay the fine but returned the letter with the message ‘D minus, must try harder!’

Mistakes in the letter, which urges parents to read it carefully, included spellings such as ‘hte’, ‘guitly’, ‘notie’ and ‘dteailed’. 

Mr Moore said: ‘I’m not going to pretend I’m a spelling guru or a typing expert. But I’m also not the head of education in Devon.’ 

Devon County Council apologised for the embarrassing error – blaming it on a new IT printing system – not its Head of Education Dawn Stabb.

Mr Moore, a baker, took his family on a week-long holiday to Mallorca, Spain in May, and received the fine letter from Devon County Council on Tuesday.

He said: ‘Today we received our fines for taking Charlie on holiday.

‘I’m not going to pretend I’m a spelling guru or a typing expert. But I’m also not the head of education in Devon.

‘This woman’s in charge of the future generation’s education, our children’s education and she’s rubber stamping this tripe.

‘I’m going to pay the fine, no questions asked but I shall also be sending her letter back marked and graded.’

He added: ‘Maybe I’ll throw a little holiday snap in as well.

‘I saw a couple of spelling errors as soon as I opened the letter but as I read on more mistakes appeared.

‘At first I thought it was quite funny but when you place it into the context that these people are responsible for the future of children’s education it is concerning.’

A Devon County Council spokesman said: ‘We have been trialling a new IT printing system and a number of mistakes were unfortunately not picked up before this letter was despatched.

‘It is an embarrassing error and we have taken steps to ensure it won’t be repeated.’





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