‘Exhibit as much as you like!’ Remainers have been derided for their anti-Brexit demonstration plans.


‘Exhibit as much as you like!’ Remainers have been derided for their anti-Brexit demonstration plans.

FURIOUS Rejoiner campaign organization has been condemned by Britons for its plans to picket the Conservative Party conference this weekend.

Grassroots for Europe plans to conduct a rally in Manchester on Sunday to keep Brexit “front and center of the debate,” according to the group’s website. Since its inception in 2018, the organisation has fought against leaving the EU, and has dubbed Brexit the “elephant in the room.”

It went on to make a list of “demands” that included a “better deal with the EU” and a “better arrangement for EU nationals in the UK.”

Many viewers of this website were quick to dismiss the company’s claims.

“They can demonstrate as much as they want, but it will not improve their condition,” remarked user prestonfan1.

“If you provide the necessary documents, you can obtain a license.” If that isn’t an option, go fishing in your own backyard.” “Its demands include a ‘better deal with the EU’ and a ‘better arrangement for EU people in the UK,’ according to another This website reader.”

“How could you POSSIBLY provide a ‘better deal for EU people in the UK,’ when they were given everything on a silver platter?”

“All they have to do is show they lived in the UK before December 31, 2020, and they will be granted the same privileges as British citizens.”

“A tiny set of whingers cannot reverse the democratic majority choice of the UK,” user Durham Lad raged, referring to the historic 2016 Brexit referendum.

“Don’t get your hopes up Remainers, there is no appetite to rejoin merely because of a setback or two,” wrote the profile “Pride in Britain.”

“You’ll have to wait another 45 years as we did to have another chance to vote.”

“But that’s not going to happen anyway, because the EU won’t be around for much longer; it’s already breaking up!” “Good luck!” According to its website, Grassroots for Europe is made up of more than 150 local pro-EU campaign groups.

“We need a new, more pragmatic approach based on realism, where all viewpoints are heard,” the statement said.

“The direction of travel is apparent, as evidenced by the relaxation of restrictions on GDPR, food standards, waste water treatment, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.”

“When the idea of leaving the EU was being pitched, none of this was stated.”

“No,” says the narrator of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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