‘Excellent work.’ Piers Morgan applauds the YouTubers that duped Jeremy Corbyn, the anti-vaxxer.


‘Excellent work.’ Piers Morgan applauds the YouTubers that duped Jeremy Corbyn, the anti-vaxxer.

PIERS MORGAN has praised YouTube stars Josh Pieters and Archie Manners for “pranking” Piers Corbyn on social media.

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, two social media stars, are known for their hilarious pranks that often leave celebrities stunned. In their most recent video, they offer a huge sum of money to Piers Corbyn, a vociferous anti-vaxxer in recent months.

Excellent work.

Piers Morgan is a British journalist.

Piers Morgan, the former host of Good Morning Britain, has now praised the YouTube stars who “exposed the UK’s biggest anti-vaxxer.”

Josh and Archie had managed to persuade Mr Corbyn that they were shareholders in Astra-Zeneca throughout their lengthy YouTube video, which they were, although Josh only had £100 in the firm.

Piers Corbyn has argued throughout the epidemic that the coronavirus is a hoax, claiming that it is simply a form of the flu that has been around for decades.

Piers Corbyn had been promised £10,000 to avoid speaking about Astra-Zeneca at all costs in exchange for a donation to his Stop New Normal campaign by Archie and Josh.

While the pair possessed a £10,000 envelope, they also had a Monopoly money envelope that would be given to Piers Corbyn.

Following a discussion of Corbyn’s financial gain, he swears that he “wouldn’t disclose anything about” where the money came from.

Piers Morgan has responded to the couple after seeing the viral footage.

“Brilliant work, chaps,” the broadcaster wrote.

“Thank you, Piers,” Archie replied.

The video wowed several of Piers Morgan’s admirers, with one exclaiming, “Love it! Love it!”

“Would you please concentrate on these anti-vaxxers? “They definitely need to be exposed,” a second added.

Viewers praised Josh and Archie for their efforts in the YouTube video’s comments section.

“You’re performing such a valuable public service by exposing these vile con artists,” one added.

“Piers walked straight into that one,” wrote a second.

A third exclaimed, “Brilliant, nicely done!”

“Regardless of what people make of this, please remember not everyone who denies the vaccine is an anti-vaxxer, that is prejudice in itself,” a fourth follower said.

Since then, Piers Corbyn has alleged that the footage was “heavily manipulated.”

Mr Corbyn stated in a statement to MailOnline, “The film has been extensively manipulated with dishonest commentary and leaves out my numerous statements that everything we accept must.” Brinkwire Summary News.”


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