Ex-wife who barred mistress from £1.6 million mansion wins £120,000 from love rat millionaire.


Ex-wife of love rat millionaire wins £120,000 from mistress who was barred from £1.6 million mansion.

Dr Chris Rowland and his mistress were barred from their ‘Italianate villa’ by Sharon Blades after she caught them in bed together in Rowland’s London penthouse – but he fought back.

After appealing a judge’s decision on shared ownership, a two-timing millionaire whose wife caught him in bed with another woman received £120,000 from her.

Dr. Chris Rowland, 65, bought Tadmarton House near Banbury in Oxfordshire for more than £1.5 million twelve years ago, intending to use it as a weekend retreat house with his wife Sharon Blades.

However, Ms Blades caught the ex-City analyst in bed with another woman just months later.

When she found him a second time in 2011, Ms Blades issued a’veto’ prohibiting Chris from entering the property with his second girlfriend, according to the court record.

After a six-year ban, Dr. Rowland and his mistress decided to separate.

Chris was awarded just under £60,000 by a judge to make up for the time he was barred from the property.

He appealed the decision, requesting £216,199 instead, and High Court judge Milwym Jarman increased the amount to £120,000.

Dr. Rowland had been deprived of a “grand weekend and holiday home,” according to Judge Jarman.

Dr. Rowland admitted in court that he had been seeing both women for several months and that he was “not proud of that fact.”

“I was emotionally attached to both women, and each of them wanted me to choose between them,” he added.

Dr. Rowland insisted that he was the sole owner of Tadmarton House because he paid the full price with his own money.

Despite the fact that the purchase was made with Dr Rowland and Ms Blades as joint tenants, the judge ruled that it was to be owned jointly.

“In one sense, the outcome is harsh for Dr Rowland, who contributed the entire purchase price of a country house to be used as a weekend and holiday retreat by a couple who each had their own properties and never saw fit to pool their resources,” he explained.

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But, according to the judge, claiming money as lost rent was also improper.

Ms Blades’ request to reduce the fee to £36k was also denied, he said.

“In my judgment, Dr Rowland’s loss is the loss of a grand weekend and holiday home rather than a grand weekend and holiday home,” the judge continued.

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