Ex-President Prodi lashes out at Brexit in the aftermath of England’s Euro 2020 humiliation.


Ex-President Prodi lashes out at Brexit in the aftermath of England’s Euro 2020 humiliation.

A FORMER EU Commission President slammed Britain’s exit from the bloc, calling it a “culture issue” that was visible during the Euro 2020 final.

Former European Commission President Romano Prodi slammed England fans’ behavior during a conference for the Aristide Merloni Foundation. Hundreds of ticketless fans stormed Wembley Stadium on Sunday, while additional disturbances were reported all across London.

Mr Prodi was asked about England fans’ behavior after the team’s penalty shootout loss to Italy at the ‘From the Stability Pact to the Sustainability Pact’ conference.

“Did you believe Brexit was just a political issue?” he asked, launching a stinging attack on Britain. It’s a matter of culture.”

Britain’s exit from the EU has previously been labeled as a “mess” by the former Commission President.

“I thought we would have a united UK vs. a split EU throughout the negotiations,” he stated in 2019, “but now we have a divided UK and a united Europe.”

After England’s Euro defeat, other EU officials twisted the knife, criticizing Brexit and hailing Italy.

“Long live Italy, long live the blue champions of Europe!” tweeted Italian MEP Alessandra Moretti on Twitter. “The United States of Europe defeats the United Kingdom after Brexit!”

Brexit was “on the side of European Parliament,” according to Spanish MEP Luis Garciano, who posted a video of people applauding during a viewing party for his Mediterranean neighbors.

Ursula von der Leyen, the current President of the European Commission, shared a photo of herself wearing an Italian jersey with her name and the number 27 for the number of countries in the EU prior of the match.

“Fingers crossed for tonight’s Euro 2020 final,” the German national said, wishing the Azzurri luck.

Fans appeared to flood Wembley and racial abuse was hurled at Marcus Rashford, Jason Sancho, and Bukayo Saka, according to European newspapers and analysts.

“Hundreds of hooligans clashed with the police at one of the Wembley entrances,” El Pas London journalist Rafa de Miguel wrote in his report.

“They managed to get past the security gates and ended up in a chaotic brawl on the floor…

Beer bottles rained down from the sky over the avenue leading to the stadium, and the ground was littered with shattered glass and trash.

“When the moment came, as tradition dictated, a large number of fans once again demonstrated why even the strongest will may be so difficult.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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