Ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock was publicly humiliated after being told to’stop tweeting.’


Ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock is publicly humiliated after being told to’stop tweeting.’

Denise Welch, the host of Loose Women, told Matt Hancock to “literally stop tweeting” on Twitter.

“Does NO ONE in Matt Hancock’s life care enough about him to say, ‘Matt, mate, literally just stop tweeting,” Ms Welch wrote on Twitter.

No one on this planet will ever care about anything you have to say again.

Mr Hancock expressed support for mandatory vaccinations for NHS workers, which he publicized on his Twitter page.

Mr Hancock tweeted a link to an article he wrote for the Telegraph about mandatory vaccination earlier today, saying: “I’ve believed vaccines are our way out of the pandemic since the beginning.”

“National Health Service” (NHS)

“The case for compulsory vaccinations for NHS staff is overwhelming,” he said in a second tweet.

Mr Hancock described vaccination as a “moral duty” for NHS workers in his article, saying, “For those who work in caring roles, protecting patients is a moral duty.”

Vaccination is also a moral obligation, given the proven safety and effectiveness of vaccines in saving lives.

“After reviewing all of the evidence, I am convinced that vaccination should be required for everyone who works in social care, as well as the NHS, and that it should be implemented as soon as possible.”

Ms. Welch has been a vocal opponent of mandatory vaccination, questioning why she should be “forced” to get the vaccine in order to travel internationally, claiming that it is “destroying our freedoms.”

“I’ve had 2 jabs and recovered from covid,” the double-vaccinated Hollyoaks star wrote on Twitter.

Why should I be required to have a booster in order to travel abroad next year???

“And if anyone tells you that you need a malaria shot to travel to certain countries, ignore them.

Yes, but you have the option to go somewhere else if you so desire.

“This is eroding our liberties, and it must be stopped.”

Care workers will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 starting next week, but NHS employees will not be required to be vaccinated until April 2022.

Mr Hancock was mocked last month for a video he posted on Twitter, with viewers comparing him to fictional comedy character Alan Partridge.

Mr Hancock was seen interacting with residents in his home in the bizarre video.

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