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Ex-Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon grows close to Don’t Rock The Boat co-star Joe Weller after split from boyfriend

LUCY Fallon has formed a close friendship with her Don’t Rock The Boat co-star Joe Weller following her split from her long-term boyfriend.

The Sun revealed yesterday how the former Coronation Street actress, 24, split from insurance manager Tom Leech, 29, in lockdown.

Since joining the new ITV show, where celebrities are challenged to row 500 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Lucy and Joe, 24, have formed a bond.

But insiders have claimed their relationship has caused a rift within her and Tom’s friendship groups – and raised eyebrows during filming.

A source said: “Lucy and Joe clicked from day one of filming on Don’t Rock The Boat.

“It’s a tight-knit group but Lucy and Joe had a spark, everyone noticed it.

“They’ve been hanging out together during free-time from filming and have shared pictures of each other on their Instagram stories.

“Not everyone has been impressed though. Lucy’s had a few messages from people about her friendship with Joe.

“She’s adamant they’re just pals and it’s nothing more but people who knew her and Tom as a couple think it’s a pretty bad look.

“They’ve urged her to talk to Tom about it because it’s been really hard for him.

“Lucy has said she feels torn as she’s not done anything wrong but she respects Tom and doesn’t want his feelings to get hurt”

A podcast recorded by Joe shortly before he joined the new show has added fuel to the fire.

On Wafflin’, Joe is heard discussing where the blame lies if a relationship splits up and another person is involved.

He then confessed to harbouring a crush on Don’t Rock The Boat.

Joe said: “There is someone that I fancy from the group that I’m doing this TV show with.

“We’re away for three weeks, and you know. We’ll see what happens.”

Fans who’ve listened to the podcast suggested it was Lucy he was referring to, with one commenting: “Joe’s talking about Lucy Fallon 100 per cent fair play lad.”

Joe found fame as a YouTuber in 2012 and now has over three million followers on social media and over five million subscribers to his channel.

Lucy, who played Bethany Platt in Coronation Street, quit the soap at the start of this year to pursue new opportunities.

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