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Ex-Commons speaker John Bercow made more than £500,000 since quitting Parliamentary role

JOHN Bercow has made more than £500,000 since quitting his Parliamentary role.

The ex-Commons Speaker generated the cash for his company where wife Sally is also a director.

The first year of trading made £547,664 for Fedhead Limited, Companies House records show.

The company owed £181,171, including tax and social security of £157,647, with £367,714 left.

Mr Bercow owns 76 per cent of the shares and Sally the rest.

Mr Bercow is also signed to the JLA Speaker Bureau where bookings can earn £25,000.

He spoke at an event by a US financial firm and a letting agency conference before the pandemic.

On the night of December’s election, it has been reported he was paid £60,000 for his all-night punditry.

Bercow, who denied a stream of bullying claims during his time in post, also released his book Unspeakable in February.

He stood down as speaker in October when Parliament was dissolved prior to the December election.

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