Every time they turn left out of their driveway, the enraged pair must pay £12.50.


Every time they turn left out of their driveway, the enraged pair must pay £12.50.

The home of George and Vera Dowler is located on the ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) border in London, which means that if they turn left, they will enter a zone where their older automobiles will be charged.

A couple is enraged that the development of London’s “ultra low emissions zone” means they’ll have to pay £12.50 every time they leave their driveway.

George and Vera Dowler’s house lies on the outskirts of Eltham’s new ULEZ zone, which means that if they turn left past the local traffic lights, their older cars will be charged £12.50.

According to MyLondon, George has had to spend “almost £40,000” on new vehicles that fit the regulations, while Vera has forced to park her car at her workplace’s garage in order to avoid the penalty.

The couple has resided in their home for 32 years, and when the ULEZ limits were modified, they found themselves smack on the border.

“[Sadiq Khan] has cost me nearly £40,000 in motors,” George stated. I had to buy a car and pay £7,000 for a new van that isn’t any better than our current one.

“I have a perfectly decent van that can travel 5,000 miles each year, but a van with these emissions can travel 100,000 miles.” “Do I pollute the air more than he?” Vera described the scenario as “disgusting,” and claimed she now parks her older car at work to avoid being caught by the cameras set atop traffic lights, which detect older cars just outside their home.

“It’s all about money,” George continued. The air would be exactly the same if people were willing to keep driving their old cars, so it’s all about money.

“We know hazardous air pollution in London causes 4,000 early deaths a year, slows the growth of children’s lungs, and worsens chronic conditions like asthma,” a spokesperson for the Mayor of London stated.

“Sadiq’s courageous action since becoming Mayor has already resulted in a 94% drop in the number of Londoners living in locations where nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels exceed the legal limit, and the difference between the most and least deprived areas for nitrogen dioxide exposure has narrowed by up to 50%.”

“To help more Londoners switch to cleaner automobiles, 87% of cars spotted traveling in the enlarged zone currently exceed the rules.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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