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EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier to pen tell-all book about his Brexit battle with Britain

MICHEL Barnier is to spill the beans in a tell-all book about his battle with Britain.

The gripping page-turner will be based on meticulous diaries kept by the Frenchman over four years of torturous Brexit back and forth.

The EU dealmaker last night confirmed he’ll pen the laugh-a-minute memoir so Europe can “learn the lessons of Brexit” for the future.

His announcement during a speech in Paris will leave scores of officials and politicians, including three ex Brexit secretaries, watching nervously on.

Mr Barnier revealed he has given David Frost a timetable showing a deal must be clinched by October 31 to guarantee it will be in place for December 31.

He has attacked Eurosceptic figures including Nigel Farage but is always diplomatic towards his counterparts. 

Invited to criticise Boris Johnson, he instead described him as “very intelligent” and “very pragmatic”. 

But the Frenchman compared the Global Britain vision to the “nostalgia” peddled by some politicians in his home country.

He also accused UK negotiators of pursuing a “bad tactic” by trying to delay a deal on key areas of EU interest until the last minute. 

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