Europe is in a state of emergency, with beer shortages in the United Kingdom, but Brexit is not to blame.


Europe is in a state of emergency, with beer shortages in the United Kingdom, but Brexit is not to blame.

Wetherspoons pubs have reported beer shortages due to supply chain concerns attributable to Brexit and the Covid epidemic.

One of the most controversial issues in British history is Brexit. Despite the fact that the deal has been reached, many remainers have been quick to criticize recent supply chain issues at companies such as McDonald’s and Nando’s. Beer, one of Britain’s favorite products, has now been impacted. However, with widespread European lorry driver shortages reported across the continent, accusations that Brexit is to blame are being vehemently contested and slammed.

Wetherspoons, a pub business, reported shortages of certain of its drinks on Wednesday, owing to a Brexit-related and Covid-related delivery driver shortage.

Carling, Coors, and Heineken were among the beer companies impacted by supply chain concerns.

After customers raised the issue on social media, parent company JD Wetherspoon, founded by prominent Brexit backer Tim Martin, announced on Wednesday that some of its pubs did not have the beers in stock.

Diet Coke was also unavailable in supermarkets due to a driver shortage, according to a Coca-Cola bottling company.

In recent days, several stores and outlets have experienced supply challenges.

Nando’s and McDonald’s also experienced problems last month, with the former running out of chicken and the latter having to stop serving milkshakes.

Wetherspoons’ supply has been hampered by driver shortages, according to Molson Coors Beverage Company, which owns the Carling and Coors brands.

“Like many in our great British brewing and pub business, we have been struck by the HGV driver shortage,” the company claimed.

“While our overall availability is fine, there are sporadic pockets of pressure in our supply network that are hurting a number of Wetherspoons pubs,” says the spokesperson.

“We’re working with our customers and third-party logistics partners around the clock to ensure we have the least amount of impact on our clients.”

Wetherspoons and other businesses look to be suffering as a result of #Brexit.

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“We are experiencing some supply challenges with both Carling and Coors, which means that some pubs do not have the items available,” Wetherspoons spokeswoman Eddi Gershod said.

“We apologize for any trouble this has caused our consumers. We’re aware that the brewers are working to find a solution.”

Wetherspoons explained that it had originally run out of Heineken, which prompted higher demand for other brands, which led to certain pubs running out.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Mr. Gershod added.


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