EU leaders impose “huge costs” on the public to keep the superstate together because it is “unfit for purpose.”


EU leaders impose “huge costs” on the public to keep the superstate together because it is “unfit for purpose.”

BRITAIN has slammed the European Union, claiming that it imposes “huge costs” on member states in order to stay in place.

Following nearly 50 years of membership, the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU sent shockwaves throughout Europe.

After a year, Britain has wasted no time in putting its newfound Brexit freedom to good use, signing a slew of lucrative trade agreements with countries all over the world.

Campaign groups in some of the EU’s largest and most powerful member states, such as France, Italy, and the Netherlands, are now urging their countries to follow the UK out of the bloc.

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, warned that attempts by some countries to push for more “euro federalism” could spark a backlash from others, potentially resulting in the formation of a “two-tier Europe.”

“European elites fear democracy and allowing their own citizens to vote on European membership,” the foreign policy analyst told This website.

“There will be more attempts by EU leaders to consolidate power, as well as a stronger push for euro federalism.”

“The French will be the driving force behind it, and the Germans may be on board with some of the goals.”

“You will see some governments pushing for more central control by Brussels, but there will be a massive backlash from Central and European countries who do not want this.”

“Scandinavian countries will oppose further European integration, resulting in the formation of a two-tier Europe.”

Now, Britons have slammed the “controlling” EU superstate, declaring it “unfit for purpose.”

“A Euro unfit for purpose, EU leaders are willing to impose huge costs on the public in order to achieve their goal of a centrally controlled, authoritarian superstate,” wrote website reader Keevee.

“Take Greece and Italy as examples.

Agriculture policy that is fine for France but not for the Eastern European countries.”

“Well, it was just bearable as a common market,” another reader, Skar, wrote. “As a controlling EU superstate, it’s intolerable.”

“The EU believed no one could leave their cabal,” Dolphin Boy continued.

Remember, the business was registered.

The UK’s exit took a lot of effort and luck.

Please, someone else muster the courage to do the same…

“The EU is the union that works on protectionism,” a third reader, known as europoorcommie, said.

Tariffs are a type of tax that is imposed on goods


In parliament, there are secret clubs, payments, and rubber stamps.

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