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Ethel the emu is back on the run just days after being caught

EMU Ethel is back on the run — just days after being caught.

The 6ft flightless bird spent six days in woods and fields around Doncaster.

But she has fled again and has been seen on land next to the busy A1 in South Yorks.

Phil Johnson, 49, who lives nearby and filmed her said: “If she gets spooked, there is a danger she will run onto the road.

“She doesn’t look in great shape.

“She needs to be caught and looked after properly.”

An emu can be owned without a licence but the RSPCA urged people not to keep them.

Senior scientific officer for exotics Nicola White said: “Unfortunately it’s all too easy nowadays to buy exotic – and sometimes dangerous – animals online at the click of a button.”

Emus can grow to more than six foot and are the second-tallest living bird by height after the ostrich.

They can reach speeds of 30mph and live for up to 20 years.

Nicola added: “They need large outdoor paddocks with a shelter and high fencing to keep them safe – not conditions you can provide in your average home.”

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