Envy for Brexit! Leo Varadkar slammed Covid’s “pathetic” remark against the UK: “Very poor taste.”


Envy for Brexit! Leo Varadkar slammed Covid’s “pathetic” remark against the UK: “Very poor taste.”

Former Irish diplomats have slammed Ireland’s attempts to mock the UK on Covid-19 vaccination rates, claiming that former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s party was motivated by a “desperation” to put the EU “in a positive light.”

Ray Bassett spoke out after Fine Gael, the party led by Mr Varadkar, who is presently Ireland’s Tanaiste or deputy Prime Minister, boasted on Sunday that Ireland had surpassed the United Kingdom in terms of persons properly vaccinated against the disease. “It’s official: Ireland has OVERTAKEN the UK in fully vaccinating our adult population against #Covid19,” the tweet claimed. Many people were dissatisfied, with Twitter users calling the statement “deeply inappropriate,” “extremely silly,” and “in very poor taste,” among other things.

“The tweet only illustrates how defensive the Irish Government is over COVID vaccines,” said Mr Bassett, Ireland’s former ambassador to Canada, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

“The data for completely vaccinated percentages in the UK and Ireland are practically comparable, but the Republic trails considerably behind on first doses,” he said, adding, “To portray that as a triumph is a bit pitiful and a disrespect to people who received Covid because of the first delays.”

“It demonstrates how anxious the pro-Brussels lobby in Ireland is to portray the EU in a positive light.” Mr Bassett continued, “With all the disaster-plagued Brexit predictions being proven entirely wrong, there is growing unease among some senior figures in Dublin.”

“They believe that Britain’s post-Brexit success is a direct danger to their position,” he said, adding that Ireland’s initially sluggish vaccination rollout improved substantially as the Irish government secured its own supplies, separate from the EU, much like the UK did.

“Ireland ordered one million extra doses from Romania, which considerably improved supply,” he stated.

“It demonstrated that over-reliance on Brussels is harmful to the Irish State, and that when it acts independently, the results are much better.” On the same day, Micheal Martin, who took over as Taoiseach from Mr Varadkar last year, waded into a similar controversy with his own tweet on the subject.

“The vaccine deployment is going at a rapid pace,” Fianna Fail leader Enda Kenny said.

“We edged ahead of our closest neighbors today.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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