Energy inventors will receive £450 million to help fuel the UK’s green economy.


Energy inventors will receive £450 million to help fuel the UK’s green economy.

A £450 million fund will assist talented innovators in helping the UK meet its climate change goals. The payments from the energy regulator Ofgem are aimed at ensuring that homes and businesses may be powered in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The funds will be offered over the next five years to enterprises who come up with innovative concepts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the areas of heat, transportation, data, and digitalization. These plans will next be disseminated throughout the United Kingdom. “Ideas must be big, daring, and ambitious with the potential to grow across networks,” according to Ofgem. According to Ofgem, the monies are made up of levies of about 76p per energy customer over the course of a half-decade.

Companies that apply to the program will go through a three-step procedure to guarantee that their ideas are the most cost-effective for customers.

By 2050, the United Kingdom has pledged to attaining “net zero,” which means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the point that the country absorbs as much as it emits.

This will necessitate significant changes in the way the UK economy is powered, such as new methods of heating houses and transporting people and products. Projects such as installing low-emission heat pumps in houses across the UK have been suggested by Ofgem.

“The UK is leading the world in decarbonising our energy system, with its innovators playing a critical part in moving further while ensuring customers receive clean and affordable energy,” said Lord Callanan, the energy minister.

“Through the Strategic Innovation Fund, the greatest projects and brightest minds will be able to get grants to reduce carbon emissions and allow bill payers to realize the benefits of greener construction.”

“What we need, more than ever, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach net zero is innovation,” said Jonathan Brearley, chief executive of Ofgem. Cutting-edge concepts and innovative technology will become a reality thanks to this fund.”


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