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Emotional moment Ali Langdon breaks down on Today show as she reveals heart-breaking family secret 

Today show host Allison Langdon broke down on the air during a moving interview with a couple who donated their late son’s organs as she revealed her sister is alive today because of a similar transplant. 

Allison struggled to speak after the segment with Brooke and Ibrahim Urasli whose son died in New South Wales in 2017.

‘It’s a very important issue to my family. We have our sister because of organ donation, nearly six years, and she’s about to have another baby, which is something none of us thought would happen, she’s a gorgeous Mum, anyway, you finish this.’ 

Co-host Karl Stefanovic comforted Allison, offered her tissues and asked her if she was okay. 

Karl helped Allison through it by making her laugh. He asked if her sister was a troublemaker and Ally jokingly said yes and replied that she was the ‘angelic one’.  

He told Allison she was a beautiful woman and said ‘we love you for sharing the story’.

‘That is just such a lovely thing to share with everyone and it’s such an important message at this time because it’s something you need to sit down with your family and to plan out because we’ve seen life that comes from those worst possible circumstances, your sister included.’

Allison called organ donation a gift. She has previously said her sister was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 11 and growing up her family were mindful of it. 

In 2010, Kristen’s health deteriorated after she gave birth to a little girl and within a year it was clear she needed to receive a kidney transplant. 

Kristen was later put on dialysis and received a suitable donor kidney thanks to a life-saving operation in 2014.  

Allison was very emotional as she told the audience her sister was going to be a Mum again.

She ended the segment by urging people to talk about organ and tissue donation. 

This week is Donate Life Week and only one in three Australian’s are currently registered. 

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