Emmanuel Macron’s Brexit scheme has been exposed: The French President warned of a “little impact” on the United Kingdom.


Emmanuel Macron’s Brexit scheme has been exposed: The French President warned of a “little impact” on the United Kingdom.

A senior Brexiteer has blasted apart EMMANUEL MACRON’S Brexit strategy to put pressure on the UK.

According to one Tory MP, despite the French President’s aggressive approach against the UK, he will have little impact on Brexit relations with the EU. Despite Mr Macron’s attempts to increase his power, David Jones, Deputy Chair of the European Research Group, underlined that Germany retains all influence within the bloc. Mr Jones added that while the French President may try to use the UK as a “whipping boy” ahead of the domestic election next year, Britain will not back down.

“I think that most of the material that you see coming out of France at the moment serves to confirm my perspective, which is that Macron is being tough,” Mr Jones told This website.

“He’s playing for the audience.

“There is no doubt that he views the United Kingdom as either a useful whipping boy or a whipping boy, but what is surprising is that the United Kingdom is making it obvious that it will not be a whipping boy.

“So, no, I believe Macron will continue in this direction.

“However, I believe it will have minimal impact on the UK’s position.”

Tensions with France have risen since the UK left the EU over Channel crossings, vaccines, and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Macron, like the EU Commission, has adopted a harsh position with the UK, even refusing to meet with Boris Johnson to try to defuse tensions.

Mr Jones cautioned that, with the German Chancellor stepping down in September, the French President is attempting to cement his place as the bloc’s main voice.

Regardless of what the French President does, the Tory MP for Clwyd West insisted that Germany will always be the dominant voice.

“I’m very convinced Macron thinks he’s going to step into Merkel’s shoes,” he added.

“The truth is that everybody who works with the European Union in any capacity understands that the German voice always wins out.

“The French voice is a distant second to that of the German.

“Clearly, there will be a new German Chancellor, and it remains to be seen what position that person will take.

“However, I believe we can’t ignore the fact that Germany is a member.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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