Emmanuel Macron’s blunt assessment of the EU: ‘Too slow, too weak, too useless.’


Emmanuel Macron’s blunt assessment of the EU: ‘Too slow, too weak, too useless.’

According to a rediscovered story, EMMANUEL MACRON made a blunt statement about the EU’s inefficiency, calling it “too slow, too weak, too inefficient.”

The importance of the EU and the benefits of membership have been repeatedly emphasized by the French President.

Along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Macron is recognized with helping to shape the EU’s agenda. Since the United Kingdom left the European Union last year, the French President has chastised Britain’s newfound sovereignty and power over the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

However, newly discovered words reveal that, despite praising the EU’s strength, he clearly had reservations.

Mr Macron gave a speech to students at the Sorbonne university in Paris in 2017, just a few months after taking office.

“As I have done at every stage in front of the French people, I would like to state today with solid conviction: today’s Europe is too weak, too slow, and too inefficient,” he said.

“However, Europe alone can enable us to act in the world in the face of today’s major challenges.”

Mr. Macron took advantage of the opportunity to emphasize the success of nationalist groups in Europe, which he claimed was a result of globalization.

His comments came just days after the Alternative for Germany (AfD) was elected to Germany’s Parliament.

The triumph of the party was the first time in modern German history that voters elected a far-right party.

“For far too long, we were certain that the past would not return; we believed that the lessons had been learned,” Mr Macron added.

“Our inadequacy, blindness, or lack of awareness have paved the way for their triumph.

“Because we have forgotten that we must remain committed to our goal! Because we have forgotten to defend the European Union!”

He also cited Brexit and US President Donald Trump’s election as evidence of “isolationism gaining ground.”

The French President also mentioned the 73 seats in the European Parliament that have become available as a result of Britain’s exit from the EU.

He stated that “Europe’s response to Brexit” should be to fill the seats.

Mr Macron, on the other hand, was purposefully ambiguous regarding Brexit throughout his speech, claiming that he had picked his words carefully.

“In the same way, the UK will be able to find its place, if it likes, in this EU refocused on uncompromising ideals in a few years’ time.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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