Emmanuel Macron’s bid to become the ‘new emperor of the EU’ has been dubbed ‘ridiculous.’


Emmanuel Macron’s bid to become the ‘new emperor of the EU’ has been dubbed ‘ridiculous.’

In a scathing op-ed piece, EMMANUEL MACRON’S plan to replace Angela Merkel as Europe’s de facto leader was called “ridiculous.”

Jonathan Miller wrote in The Spectator that the 44-year-old leader is “staring at Europe like stout Cortez” and will never be able to live up to the standards set by his predecessor.

“The EU is not loved in deep France,” he wrote.

“Nor is Macron.”

Only 25% of people plan to vote for him in the first round.

“He [Macron] appears to believe that it doesn’t matter, that he’ll cruise to victory with media support against a divided opposition, and that he might even be lucky enough to face Marine Le Pen in the second round, despite her inevitability defeat.”

“Her father ran for president five times and lost each time.

“She’s already failed twice.”

Macron’s plan includes an EU minimum wage, carbon taxes on imported goods, and increased regulation and taxation of American tech giants like Amazon and Google.

“The notion that any of these can be delivered before 30 June, when France’s presidency will be taken over by the Czech Republic, is ludicrous, but that’s not the point,” Mr Miller continued.

“Rather, the document is Macron’s manifesto for the ‘European Renaissance,’ which he is obsessed with, and, more importantly, for his re-election.”

The French President lit up the Eiffel Tower in the EU colors while addressing the nation on New Year’s Eve.

Mr Miller described his speech as an “election campaign,” saying that while the President has not yet declared his candidacy, it appears likely that he will wait until the last possible moment to do so.

On April 10, 2022, the first round of the French presidential election will be held.

Emmanuel Macron of La République En Marche! (LREM), the current President of France, was elected in 2017 and will serve until May 13, 2022.

According to the French Constitution, the incumbent is eligible for reelection to a second five-year term.

Macron pushed for a package of reforms in public ethics, labor laws, taxes, and law enforcement agency powers in his first few months as president.


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