Emmanuel Macron is on the verge of losing his job as the French turn against him over the pandemic.


Emmanuel Macron is on the verge of losing his job as the French turn against him over the pandemic.

According to a new report issued by the European Council on Foreign Relations, French citizens are becoming increasingly “skeptic” of Emmanuel Macron’s government decision.

The French President was accused of imposing restrictions on citizens’ freedoms for unexplained reasons in the latest survey done by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) on the political implications of the coronavirus pandemic on EU citizens.

Lockdowns are a “excuse to control the public,” according to 43% of under 30-year-olds across the bloc, and 20% said they are a “excuse to control the public.”

However, huge proportions of individuals in France and Poland were distrustful of their governments’ actions.

According to a poll conducted by the EU research group, 20% of French people are sceptical of President Macron’s grounds for imposing tighter limits.

And 24% went even farther, stating that they believe the French government is using COVID-19 as a pretext to expand its control over people’s lives.

“Bulgaria, Poland, and France are also the countries with the biggest number of Accusers — accounting for roughly one-quarter of those surveyed,” the report stated.

“When it comes to determining the primary motivation for restrictions, the data show that both those who have been affected by illness or bereavement, as well as those who believe they have not been affected at all, believe that lockdowns were primarily intended to help limit the spread of the virus.”

The studies also cautioned that another pandemic might splinter the EU, causing differences not only inside member states but also between them.

“In France, the pandemic has resulted in dramatic shifts in political thought among the major ruling and opposition parties,” it continued. This is referred to as a “nonbinary democracy.”

“The crisis has pushed liberal backers of Emmanuel Macron’s centrist political platform to endorse highly interventionist state action, with 89 percent of those polled feeling the limits were either appropriate or insufficient.

“In the meantime, over one-third (33 percent) of current followers of Marine Le Pen, whose party has sometimes advocated for a more authoritarian state, believe the limits are too harsh and want their party to act as a tribune of freedom against the existing state’s coercive authority.

“While 84 percent of Macron supporters believe the limitations are primarily aimed at limiting the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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