Emmanuel Macron is in a new round of Covid hell, with French physicians admitting that a FOURTH wave has hit hospitals.


Emmanuel Macron is in a new round of Covid hell, with French physicians admitting that a FOURTH wave has hit hospitals.

According to a government spokeswoman, French hospitals are dealing with a “fourth wave” of coronavirus, with many of those affected being unvaccinated.

On Wednesday, additional 28,784 coronavirus cases were registered across France, with 48 deaths.

Both numbers are up from the previous week, with both cases and deaths on the rise.

A government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, mentioned the increased demand on French hospitals.

“We are seeing the fourth wave walk through the doors of our hospitals,” he remarked.

“Some patients in the hospital regret not getting vaccinated since it could have saved their lives.

“We will continue the vaccine sprint that began with the president’s July 12 address.

“By the end of August, we want 50 million people to have received their first injection.”

Last week, 3,531 COVID-19 patients were admitted to French hospitals, according to data from Public Health France (PHF).

This was a 92 percent gain over the previous week, which was a 51 percent increase over the previous week.

“The number of new hospitalizations and admissions in critical care accelerated last week, indicating the hospital effect of this fourth epidemic wave,” PHF stated in a statement.

The Constitutional Council of France accepted the French government’s proposals for vaccine passports, also known as health permits, on Thursday.

This is France’s highest constitutional authority, which eliminates a possible stumbling block.

“This affirmation is wonderful news in the fight against the epidemic,” Mr Attal remarked in response to the news.

Health cards would be required to board trains, restaurants, and other locations in France under Mr Macron’s plans, which are set to take effect on August 9.

These will show whether the holder has been double-vaccinated or has recently had a Covid test that was negative.

The idea is divisive, and it has generated enormous demonstrations in major French cities.

Some of them have become violent, particularly in Paris, with police being attacked with rocks and other missiles.

Following a request by Prime Minister Jean Castex and a handful of opposition MPs, France’s Constitutional Council looked at the measure.

President Macron posted an Instagram video on Friday urging French residents to get vaccinated.

“It’s a question of citizenship, it’s the very pact of a nation,” he said. “Get vaccinated if you love your family, friends, siblings, sisters, and parents.”

Mr Macron also expressed gratitude for “our.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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