Emmanuel Macron is embroiled in a political crisis in France, with polls showing him neck and neck with Marine Le Pen.


Emmanuel Macron is embroiled in a political crisis in France, with polls showing him neck and neck with Marine Le Pen.

As his first term in office draws to a close, EMMANUEL MACRON will face an election next year, with opposition figures already gaining traction as the French president leads his country through COVID-19. According to new data, Mr Macron is struggling to gain traction as his opponents gain ground.

Emmanuel Macron is presently helping France through its latest COVID-19 outbreak, which is causing approximately 30,000 illnesses each day, according to authorities. The wave is the third since 2020, but it has had the least impact due to a well-coordinated vaccine effort that has reached 49.1 percent of France’s population. According to the most recent polls of French voters, however, the relative prosperity has not translated into political clout.

The next elections in France will be held in 2022, as Mr Macron completes his first term in office.

According to Politico’s Poll of Polls, Mr Macron’s popularity has plunged over the last year as a result of COVID-19’s impact.

As a result, he now finds himself in a dangerous situation in comparison to the previous election.

Last August 6, the French Prime Minister earned a 27 percent approval rating, the highest among his colleagues.

His supporters have deserted him since then, putting him in a difficult position.

He currently has a 25% approval rating, matching his closest challenger, right-wing politician and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who is running in 2022.

In the first round of next year’s elections, the publication’s Poll of Polls revealed that the same percentage of people would vote for the two candidates.

If this were to happen next year, he would lose the election.

Officials must hold a runoff if candidates do not win a majority in the first round of voting.

The two most popular candidates contest, but the other four or five parties with less support are ignored.

In French elections, runoffs are common, and one decided the outcome of the 2017 election.

Mr Macron led the contest four years ago with 24% of the vote to Ms Le Pen’s 21.3 percent, defeating her but falling short of the required 50% majority.

According to Politico, this would be Mr Macron’s saving grace once more, but only just.

In their second round polling, the incumbent president would win by a razor-thin margin of 56 percent of the vote.

With 44 percent of the vote, Ms Le Pen would behind by over ten points.

However, if these predictions come true in 2022, it will be. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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