Emmanuel Macron brags about the European army and calls for a more “sovereign” EU.


Emmanuel Macron brags about the European army and calls for a more “sovereign” EU.

EMMANUEL MACRON boasted about his accomplishments during his four-year presidency and his push for increased “EU autonomy.”

In a tweet sent out this morning, French President Emmanuel Macron reminded his fans of his four-year-old vows for a stronger EU. He added, sharing his government’s manifesto plan for more integration in the Brussels bloc: “An initiative for a European Union that is sovereign, united, and democratic. This is what we started four years ago at the Sorbonne.

“We’ve come a long way,” says the narrator.

The manifesto advocated for “true European sovereignty” as well as a plan for the bloc’s defense and military capabilities to be unified.

It advocated for the “establishment of the first shared military budget for defense, endowed with 8 billion euros,” as well as the development of a “single strategic culture.”

Macron is still battling for the construction of an EU army four years after his election.

A recent agreement made by the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia has hastened his desire for a European defense strategy, leaving France without a lucrative contract for submarine development.

After Canberra pulled out of a £30 billion deal for France to supply conventionally powered diesel-electric warships, Paris called the arrangement a “stab in the back.”

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to defuse tensions sparked by the row, Macron ordered him to come up with ideas to mend relations between London and Paris.

Mr Johnson looked to be trying to defuse tensions that had been heightened by his strong words in reaction to France removing diplomats and postponing high-level meetings.

The Prime Minister had requested the contact, according to Mr Macron’s office, and had “stated his wish to resume co-operation between France and the United Kingdom,” notably on the climate issue, terrorism, and the Indo-Pacific area.

The Elysee noted in its brief statement that the French president told Mr Johnson that “he is expecting his proposals.”

The men discussed “a range of matters of mutual interest,” including military co-operation through Nato, according to No 10’s account of the discussion, which was more subdued than France’s.

“They emphasized the importance of the UK-France partnership and agreed to work closely together on our shared agenda around the world, through Nato and bilaterally,” No 10 said.

They also talked about the “strategic relevance of our long-standing relationship.” “..


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