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Emily Thornberry savaged for battle with Boris Johnson in PMQs ‘what do you actually do?’

EMILY THORNBERRY was savaged on BBC’s Politics Live as a journalist asked the Labour leadership candidate what she did at the dispatch box against Prime Minister Boris Johnson that was “so good”.

Labour’s Emily Thornberry insisted she is the top candidate to succeed Jeremy Corbyn after 15 years of experience and time spent at the dispatch box against Boris Johnson. The Shadow Foreign Secretary explained she has more experience than other candidates, Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey. Ms Thornberry added to be in PMQs, a leader has to be light on their feet.

Speaking on BBC Two’s Politics Live, Ms Thornberry said: “What I’m asking people to do is to not think about who is going to take us to the left and who is going to take us to the right.

“We should look at who is best for the job and I’ve been an MP for 15 years and I’ve done seven frontbench jobs.

“I’ve done Prime Minister’s Questions and I’ve held Boris Johnson to account for a couple of years.

“I think I’m a great candidate and obviously I would love to be on the ballot.”

The Guardian’s Kate Proctor asked: “You’ve made quite a lot of the fact that you’ve gone head to head with Boris Johnson in a way the other candidates haven’t.

“I’m really intrigued to know what it is you think you so at the dispatch box that you think was so good?”

Ms Thornberry replied: “He’s a clown and he’s liar and he’s superficial.

“I’m just saying in order to take on someone like that you don’t be a clown but you have to be light on your feet, you have to be on top of the details and you have to have a personality as well.

“In the two years I was taking him on, when we had urgent questions, he would never do it.

“He knows of all the people that would take him on at the dispatch box, he has a woman problem, and that problem is me.”

It comes as Ms Thornberry was left squirming as BBC host Jo Coburn challenged the Labour frontbencher over her poor performance.

BBC Politics Live host Jo Coburn quizzed the Labour frontbencher on her poor performance despite her being “the most experienced” candidate: “Emily, you’re the only contender who isn’t yet guaranteed a spot on the final ballot. Why not? Why are you not cutting through?”

Ms Coburn continued: “Friday is the cutoff point, you’ve got to have 33 Labour Party constituency nominations – you’ve got 22, I think.

“I don’t know whether that’s a big mountain to climb or not, really. Will you make it?”

Ms Thornberry admitted she does “not know” why people within the party are not backing her bid to succeed Jeremy Corbyn but insisted she has been “learning a great deal” while discussing with supporters about the future of Labour.

The shadow Foreign Minister said: “I mean, I go around the country, have some great meetings. I’ve met some really interesting people and I’m learning a great deal and I think people are pleased to see me because they want to talk.”

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