Emergency in Gloucestershire: Massive smoke cloud rises above community following “large explosions”


Emergency in Gloucestershire: Massive smoke cloud rises above community following “large explosions”

A massive plume of smoke has been seen over a Gloucestershire village, causing inhabitants to fear an explosion.

An incident at a farm in Maisemore, Gloucestershire, has prompted fire personnel to react. Huge black plumes of smoke pouring up from trees can be seen in photos taken on the scene.

Lynne Dare, who was in the neighborhood at the time of the incident at 8 p.m. today evening, claimed there were also “huge explosions” at the farm, which houses a variety of enterprises.

Ms Dare said on Twitter, “Emergency crews are responding.”

“I hope everyone is doing well.”

The Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) claimed they were called to Complete Utilities, one of the farm’s several enterprises.

The fire department reported that the company’s vehicles and vans were on fire.

“GFRS were called to Complete Utilities, Overton Farm at 20.06 this evening,” a representative for Gloucestershire County Council, which supervises the fire department, said.

“They’re on the scene dealing with vehicle fires (trucks and vans).” We have three fire engines and one water carrier on the scene.”

Utility networks, such as power, gas, water, and telecommunications, are installed by the corporation.

It comes after a big fire broke out this afternoon at a business in Ettington, Warwickshire, sending massive plumes of smoke into the sky.

The incident happened today about 4 p.m.

“We were notified at 3.55pm to reports of a big fire at Pure Recycling Limited, Longstaples, Warwick Road, Thornton, Ettington,” a spokesperson for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue said.

“We have four appliances on scene, and they have discovered a one-story building, roughly 100m x 40m, that was utilized as a recycling plant and is completely engulfed in flames.

“The incident is still ongoing, and teams are still on the scene.

“Police will also be present.”

“I hope everyone is safe,” Edward Parker, who observed the incident, told the Stratford Herald. The structure appears to be in shambles.

“Normally, fires like that start in the back corner of a building where no one can get to it and then spread.”


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