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Elton John’s energy bills hit £49k – as the Queen pays £1.1m

His stage performances are often electrifying. So it should probably not come as a shock that Elton John spends a fortune on power bills – stumping up an estimated £49,000 a year at his £6.5million mansion.

The total gas and electric cost for the Rocketman singer, 73, is more than 43 times the average Briton’s £1,125.

Sir Elton shares his eight-bed Windsor house, which also features a cinema room and swimming pool, with husband David Furnish, 57, and their two sons. 

His power bills are topped only by the Queen, according to a list of celebrity and VIP spending compiled by comparison website Uswitch. 

Boffins at estimated the energy bills of the homes of the rich and famous in the UK, and found that the Queen’s main residence costs 23 times more to run than Elton John’s mansion in Windsor, Bucks. 

Buckingham Palace costs £1.13million annually. The 40,000 light bulbs alone cost an estimated £28,663 each year. 

The huge pile, complete with 240 bedrooms, costs 37 times the average salary of just over £30,000 to run in gas and electricity.

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at, said: ‘If you’ve ever opened your energy bill and had a shock then spare a thought for poor Sir Elton.

‘Thankfully, most of these celebrities don’t have to worry about paying the bills, but celebrity or not, there’s always a benefit to keeping down the amount of energy you use.

‘Sometimes it can be as simple as closing windows, turning off lights when you leave the room, and turning down the thermostat, but for Sir Elton it might be a question of turning down the temperature of his swimming pool. 

‘Switching tariffs is another great way to keep those utility bills down. If you’re on a standard variable tariff, you can save up to £479 a year by switching, so do a search online and compare what deals are out there.’

Meanwhile, chart-topping singer Robbie Williams’ ten-bedroom home in Holland Park, west London, sets him back £33,133.

TV chef Jamie Oliver, 45, coughs up an estimated £32,875 to run his £6million home in Essex while pop millionaire Ed Sheeran, 29, spends £21,418 on his £3.7million Suffolk estate. 

Other names to feature in the list include Hollywood star George Clooney, whose mansion in Sonning, Berkshire, sets him back £20,548. 

Music mogul Simon Cowell, 60, spends £15,890 to power his luxury home in Holland Park. 

A spokesman for said: ‘Some of the biggest mansions owned by the UK’s famous faces cost tens of thousands in energy bills every year – with Sir Elton John’s £6.5 million Windsor pad costing just under a whopping £50,000 a year to run, including £5,000 to run his pool.

‘Elton’s 3,008-square-metre house is 33 times larger than the average UK home, and his energy bill is 43 times bigger than most households.

‘Robbie Williams’ £18 million London pad has the next biggest celeb energy bill at £33,133, followed by Jamie Oliver’s £32,875 for his £6 million country seat.

‘Swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and even recording studios and pubs add thousands to the electricity bills of celebrity homes

‘All the celebrity homes are dwarfed by Buckingham Palace, which is estimated to cost £1.1 million a year in energy bills – including £28,000 for 40,000 lights.’

He added: ‘The Rocket Man singer’s energy costs are one-and-a-half times the national average income, and more than 43 times the average household’s bill of £1,125 a year.

‘Sir Elton could potentially save a staggering £13,744 a year if he moved from a standard variable tariff to one of the best fixed deals currently on the market.

‘Former Take That singer Robbie Williams’ ten-bedroom home in Holland Park, London, has the next biggest celebrity bill, costing an estimated £33,133 in gas and electricity.

‘Adding to his power costs are a gym, home cinema, 22 bathrooms and a swimming pool.

‘Naked Chef Jamie Oliver’s impressive Spains Hall home in Essex costs an estimated £32,875 a year in power bills, with the Aga adding to his expenses.’ 

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