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Elsa the bag-snatching boar has been spared the chop after The Sun campaigned to save her

BAG-snatching wild boar Elsa has been spared the chop — after The Sun campaigned to protect her.

Forestry chiefs had said the cheeky swine must be culled after her thieving antics saw her chased by a nudist.

But today they bowed to our SOS (Save Our Sow) call, declaring: “There is no death sentence on Elsa and her piglets.”

And with her reprieve announced, Elsa promptly broke cover and raided picnickers’ nosh.

But her appearance — with her two piglets — was welcomed by nudist bathers around Devil’s Lake in Berlin, Germany.

They watched and took photos as she snuffled through a crisp bag and gobbled down scraps.

Earlier this month, video of 12st Elsa went viral after the nudist chased her around the beauty spot when she pinched a bag containing his laptop.

She faced being culled as officials felt she might pose a danger to the public as she had lost her fear of humans.

But today naked bather Klaus Borland, 44, said: “I don’t think there’s a single person here who would want to see her shot.

“We’re delighted you’ve come all the way from England to save her bacon.”

Mum-of-four Anna Rolland said: “Elsa wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’m so happy you’ve come to her rescue.”

Teacher Michael van Berke, 58, said: “Seeing her today has been wonderful.

“She’s harmless and very entertaining — everyone loves her.”

More than 9,000 animal lovers signed a petition calling for Elsa to be spared.

A Berlin Forestry Office spokesman said “There is no death sentence upon Elsa and her piglets.”

But he added: “The situation will continue to be monitored in case people are endangered and we would urge visitors never to feed wild boar.

“Human food can be dangerous. They should be left to fend for themselves.”

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