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Ellie Goulding’s mother tells of her ‘deep hurt’ after the singer described her as ‘threatening’

The mother of pop star Ellie Goulding has spoken of her ‘deep hurt’ after her daughter was quoted describing her as ‘quite threatening’ and saying their relationship ‘isn’t fixable’.

Tracey Goulding, a 56-year-old mother of four, said that she had no idea why her daughter, who is promoting her new album, would make such claims.

Speaking at her semi-detached home in Birmingham, she said: ‘It’s very, very upsetting. I don’t know what to say. I am not that type of person.’

Ellie had claimed in an interview with The Independent that she wanted to talk about her difficult relationship with her mother but, ‘she became quite threatening when I did talk about her in the press. Discussing her was a disaster.’

Tracey, who works for the NHS, said: ‘I really, really don’t know what she is referring to and where the word threatening has come from.

‘I don’t know what she is talking about. I don’t think Ellie has ever spoken about me in the press so I don’t know what I could become threatening about. I think it must have been twisted or taken out of context because I have not got a threatening bone in my body.’

Tracey said that Ellie had sent her a bouquet of flowers yesterday to mark her birthday but there was no explanation for the interview which marred her mother’s celebrations.

‘She is rather busy with her album and this is the last thing on her mind,’ she said.

But she had been given support by her other children.

‘I think she (Ellie) knows she can rely on me not to say anything, she’s my daughter. I have three other children, we’re a happy family. It’s just ridiculous.

‘I put a brave face on and I am smiling now but quite frankly I am deeply hurt.

‘My other children have said to me, ‘oh my god, what the hell’. It is not nice to see your family all over the papers.’

The latest controversy caps a bad year for Tracey who lives with her husband on a quiet cul-de-sac and had previously remained far from the limelight. 

In January, she tweeted about an appearance of I’m a Celebrity contestant Myles Stephenson on Good Morning Britain, writing: ‘Didn’t notice it so much on (the) jungle but what’s with #myles #gmb trying to sound like a black dude??’

Myles, whose father is Jamaican accused her of racism, and she immediately apologised, saying: ‘I’d like to apologise so much to you Myles and any upset it may have caused. I wrote something very childish. I’m SO not racist, it was a flippant remark.

‘I feel so totally ashamed about doing, it was taken out of context, please forgive x.’

Tracey said that she had spoken to all of her children after the gaffe.

‘I told them, ‘I am so sorry kids, I have done something ridiculous’. It has affected my work, my day-to-day living, it’s just really horrible.

‘At the time, people were going to kill me, to burn my house down, they even figured out where I worked and threatened to get me there.

‘I was terribly ashamed. I came across as a monster and a racist and I came off Twitter. Now it is all being dragged up again and I am accused of being threatening, another nasty word.

‘I just know I am a nice person, I work hard, long hours, I lead a humble life and my friends all know that I am not racist or abusive. I just try to lead a private life.’

Asked about Ellie’s claim that she had not seen her for a year, she added: ‘I have not seen her for almost a year but I would not read much into that. She has been very busy, we live in different parts of the country and we’ve had the lockdown.

‘I have two grandchildren and I do my best to see them and share my time between them. I haven’t seen my son either and he lives in London but no-one is writing about that. I sent her flowers when she completed her album.

‘I read the Independent on Friday and thought, ‘what the hell is this?’, someone will make a big deal out of it and when I woke up it was all there the next day.

‘Some people had again managed to reach my inbox with abusive messages. It was horrible. All families have problems but because she is in the limelight anything she says is magnified ten times.

‘But we are a happy, loving family and to see us misrepresented like this is very hurtful. I went shopping at Sainsbury’s and I was shaking like a leaf.’

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