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‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Holds Virtual Staff Meeting: There’s ‘Negative And Fearful Vibe,’ Source Says

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” gathered the staff for a virtual meeting to discuss the update on the internal investigation concerning its workplace.

WarnerMedia has subjected “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to an internal investigation after several former and current staffers complained about its toxic workplace. On Monday, the show held a virtual meeting and a source told Entertainment Tonight that some staff felt hopeful that there would be positive changes at the production. They are also expecting Ellen DeGeneres to be more involved.

However, not everyone was ecstatic about the meeting.

“There’s a very negative and fearful vibe from the staff,” another source told ET.

A different source added that the host “has been really tuned out in the past few years” and noted that she might be experiencing fatigue for doing the show for too many years.

“She can’t be expected to hand hold everyone,” the source added.

“That being said, her name is on the door and that means everything. Leadership comes from the top. Sure, sometimes people walk on eggshells around her but she’s the boss.”

DeGeneres has been called out for mistreating her staff by some celebrities. Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson were among those who reacted to the controversy involving DeGeneres.

“Sorry but it comes from the top @TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her. Common knowledge,” Garrett wrote on Twitter.

“True story. It is,” Thompson added.

Meanwhile, several celebrities have also come out to defend DeGeneres including Scooter Braun, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart and Nacho Figueras. They said they didn’t experience any ill-treatment from the host.

“If she loves you, she will work very hard to make you feel comfortable,” the source added.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has been on the air since 2003.  The host and the staff plan to start shooting again in September.

In related news, there were speculations that James Corden could be replacing DeGeneres. However, several Twitter users disapproved of the idea because they found “The Late Late Show” host worse than DeGeneres.

Some preferred “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to get canceled than see Corden replacing DeGeneres.

“Why not just cancel the show?? James Corden is literally the only host who could do worse than Ellen,” @Ranting4health wrote.

“Instead of replacing Ellen with James Corden, just cancel the whole show,” @thatwritechick added. 

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