Electric scooter technology that prevents hazardous riders from riding could address the world’s “greatest dilemma.”


Electric scooter technology that prevents hazardous riders from riding could address the world’s “greatest dilemma.”

The world’s “biggest challenge” could be solved with electric scooter technology that prevents dangerous riders from riding.

Electric scooter riders who drive erratically, swerve, or move in the wrong direction may soon be prohibited from using the devices.

The Pedestrian Defence active safety system, developed by Superpedestrian and Navmatic, has the potential to change city streets. They warn that the new technology has “cracked the code” on one of the “biggest challenges” facing electric scooters.

The new technology will continue to collect data in real time to build a picture of how the e-scooter is used by the user.

Unsafe behavior will be recognized, such as riding scooters on the sidewalk or in the incorrect way.

Even extreme swerving and repeated hard braking will be detected by the new technology.

The e-scooter will automatically slow down or stop working to prevent riders from continuing their undesirable behavior.

The tool’s inventors hope that it would help prevent major injuries on the road caused by e-scooters.

According to Superpedestrian CEO Assaf Biderman, the technology provides a “solution to aggressive and criminal riding.”

He stated, “Superpedestrian has cracked the code to one of our industry’s most difficult difficulties.”

The business claims that “our e-scooter is unique in that it incorporates the processing power and sensors that Navmatic’s Super Fusion required to operate in the field.”

“With Pedestrian Defense, we can now scale it across our whole fleet and provide something no one else can: a real-time solution to aggressive and unlawful riding for passengers and cities.”

Thanks to the technology, riders will also receive immediate reminders or incentives, such as discounts, for being safer on the roads.

Policymakers would also have access to detailed data that will reveal harmful behavior patterns and places.

Local governments can then use the technology to develop legislation to make roads even safer.

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At the end of each trip, riders will receive a Safety rating, which determines how safe or unsafe a user is on that particular trip.

This will be utilized to provide those who are having problems riding e-scooters securely with customised features such as in-app material.

According to Boaz Mamo, CEO and founder of Navmatic, the solution was just what municipalities required to address many of the early challenges.

He stated, “With Superpedestrian’s high-quality.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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