‘Elections are lost on this,’ says Boris, who will face a ‘critical test’ as the UK prepares for a tax hike.


‘Elections are lost on this,’ says Boris, as the UK prepares for a tax hike.

A sharp increase in taxes and energy prices, according to BORIS JOHNSON, could be “the biggest test” of his Prime Ministership so far.

Boris Johnson will face his “most critical tests” in the coming months, according to ex-Downing Street adviser Josh Buckland, as the government attempts to address rising living costs.

Nick Ferrari, host of LBC, discussed how the Conservative Government would be harmed by the double whammy of rising taxes and energy prices at the next election.

The warning comes as Mr Johnson continues to be chastised over sleaze allegations and restrictions imposed by Covid.

When asked how big of a problem he thinks raising National Insurance would be, Mr Buckland told LBC: “I think it’s a problem, and it comes at a time when all the costs are coming through in April, including significant pressure on households.”

“The challenge with the insurance increase is that the OM has clearly placed a high priority on something public, and any delays in that increase means that money will have to be found elsewhere, putting further strain on the fiscal position.”

“We’ve had a pretty tumultuous couple of months,” he continued, “but I think it’s safe to say this could be the biggest test of the PM’s political future.”

“Elections are frequently won or lost due to economic issues, with the cost of living being the most pressing concern.

“I believe there is still time to act, and there is clearly time before April,” he added.

“However, this could be the most important test, and this could be an issue that emboldens the Labour Party in the upcoming election.”

“While I still consider the Conservatives to be the frontrunners in the next election, this could be the issue that changes things.”

It comes as Rishi Sunak is tasked with coming up with “more constructive ways” to assist Britons who have seen their energy costs skyrocket.

On Sky News, the Chancellor was pressed to support measures such as lowering the VAT on fuel to help with the rising cost of heating homes this winter.

“Of course, we have a range of different ways to help people with energy bills,” Mr Sunak told Sky News.

“I’m always listening, and I’d like to make certain that the.

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