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Election 2020: Pelosi Wants Nothing But To Defeat Trump, ‘We Must Defeat POTUS’

A united Democratic Party will defeat Donald Trump in November and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, says any of the eight surviving nominees — plus Mike Bloomberg — “would be a better president” than the incumbent.

Pelosi’s future worldview doesn’t include any scenario where Trump remains in the White House for the next four years but admits to one where Democrats control both Houses of Congress.

“I can’t even envision a situation where he would be reelected,” Pelosi told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at the Munich Security conference that ended Sunday. “But we are not, we don’t take anything for granted. As I say, we have to have our own vision for the future. But everybody knows that we must be unified in making sure that he does not have a second term.”

She emphasizes Democrats have a better vision for a united America but realizing this vision means Dems absolutely have to defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans in the Senate.

“We know one thing: we have a better vision for America, and we must defeat Donald Trump who does not share a vision that is about unity and unifying the country,” she pointed out.

The strength of her party, and its presidential candidates, lie in its immense diversity and tolerance of opposing viewpoints on the issues. Pelosi called the Democratic Party “a party of vitality, differences of opinion, which we will resolve.”

She said she has “trust in the American people” and “it isn’t up to me to decide, it’s up to the people” to collectively defeat Trump.

Pelosi believes each one of the eight remaining Democratic presidential hopefuls, and by everyone she includes Bloomberg, “have made a very valuable contribution to the debate.” She affirms “any one of them would be a better president than the current occupant of the White House.”

“I think every one of our candidates, all 25 — I don’t know if Michael Bloomberg is counted in the 25, but Michael Bloomberg, too — have made a very valuable contribution to the debate putting forth their vision, their knowledge, their judgment, their strategic thinking,” she said.

The vast field of Democratic candidates once comprising 29 hopefuls has been winnowed down to eight (excluding Bloomberg, who will enter the primaries only on Super Tuesday) after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary since the start of February. Pelosi has so far refused to endorse any of the survivors.

“I’m grateful to all of them for putting themselves on the line, putting forth their ideas,” she noted in appreciation. “And now, we come down to the winnowing process.”

Pelosi’s opinion of Trump is colored by her victorious campaign to impeach him in the House. She’s consistently said Trump will never escape the historic stigma of being only the third U.S. president in history to have been impeached.

She asserts Trump “will never be vindicated” after impeachment and the Ukraine scandal that triggered the bitter impeachment process later defeated in the Republican-controlled Senate.

“The President may have been acquitted by the Senate, which didn’t have the courage to honor its oath of office on the Republican side, but he will never be vindicated from this,” said Pelosi.

Pelosi hasn’t endorsed any candidate but is known to have a soft spot for Biden. She isn’t counting out Biden, who lost badly in Iowa and New Hampshire and is expected to lose to Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucus on February 22. Biden now pins his hopes for a comeback on South Carolina and Arizona, which have large ethnic minorities.

She said “quite frankly, with all the respect in the world for Iowa and New Hampshire, I’m not counting Joe Biden out. There’s still races ahead that are much more representative of the country.”

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