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Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will be out of a job if he makes any more slip-ups

THE stakes are too high for Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to make any more slip-ups.

Many British children have already missed out on nearly six months of face-to-face education because he failed to get schools open before the summer.

And this week, it became clear that he let down students from deprived areas by using a disputed algorithm to determine their A-level grades.

His sticking-plaster fix of a “triple lock” sounded firm, but is peeling swiftly.

Everyone knows he’s been dealt a tough hand: sorting out qualifications for the Corona Generation was always going to be a nightmare. And militant teaching unions playing politics made his job almost impossible.

If he gets the appeals process ship-shape NOW; fine-tunes a fairer system before GCSE results next week; and stops letting the unions walk all over him in the row over reopening schools, parents just might forgive his mistakes.

But if thousands of teenagers are cheated out of their futures despite his blundering and blustering, he’ll be out of a job before he can say “appeal”.

WHAT on earth is French President Emmanuel Macron playing at by threatening to slap a tit-for-tat quarantine on British tourists in France?

Our infection rate isn’t as high as theirs — so banning Brits from French bars and restaurants is illogical. And it’ll go down like a lead balloon with French business-owners who desperately need the custom.

On both post-lockdown tourism and the migrant crisis, Britain and France have GOT to work together. Until they do, everyone on both sides of the Channel will suffer.

But on the former, the President is playing schoolyard games. And on the latter, it seems he’d rather snipe and gripe than face up to the fact that the French have some responsibility for intercepting evil people-traffickers and their desperate human cargo.

It’s time he dropped the tough guy act.

THREE cheers for Princess Anne, who turns 70 today.

She’s always referred to as the hardest-working royal, and it’s clear why: last year she fulfilled more than 500 engagements — as she has every year for more than half a century.

We admire her modesty too: she’s always been there in the background, just quietly getting on with it, with absolutely no fuss.

Perhaps her nephew Prince Harry and his wife could have learned something from her — if only they’d stuck around.

Straight-talking and selfless, Anne’s a true credit to her family and the Queen.

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