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EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt’s wife ‘shocked when he walked out’ & ‘suspicious he’s seeing someone else’

THE estranged wife of EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt was stunned when he walked out, her friends say.

They revealed Beverley, 55, was devastated when Adam, who plays Ian Beale, left the family home without warning.

One close friend said: “Bev has kept a dignified silence for the sake of the children but this isn’t the amicable split that’s being portrayed.

“Adam walked out on Bev nearly a year ago without explanation. She didn’t even know where he’d gone.

“She’s only seen Adam once since he left and she’s no idea why he walked out on her. He’s shown her no respect at all.

“The media briefings all seem to be about protecting Adam’s reputation and that of EastEnders.

“Bev’s obviously hugely upset about the way she’s been treated.”

Those close to Adam, 52, have said there is no third party involved in the split.

But Beverley’s friend’s say she is suspicious he might be seeing someone else. The couple have two children — Jessica, 27, and Samuel, 23.

The family posed for pictures together just weeks before he left.

Shortly after the split, which we revealed today, Beverley joined some of his EastEnders’ co-stars at a celebration to mark their completion of a marathon in honour of Barbara Windsor.

Adam was not pictured with them.

The BBC yesterday confirmed the marriage was over.

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