Eastenders’ Jessie Wallace reveals mugging nightmare

EASTENDERS star Jessie Wallace has revealed her young daughter was mugged around the corner from where a brutal knife attack took place.

Jessie, who plays Kat Slater, opened up about the attack after another concerned parent spoke out about their child being robbed in London, blasting the police for a late response.

The 47-year-old soap actress told how her daughter, Tallulah Lilac Morgan, 14, was attacked in Muswell Hill, north London.

On Saturday, a man was left fighting for his life after being stabbed on a bus in the same part of the crime-plagued capital.

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following the knifing.

Jessie re-tweeted the ordeal of dad Tony Grounds, after what he saw as a lack of police action when his young daughter was mugged in London.

She said: “I call the police at 8pm and they knock on my door at 3am. Nothing was ever resolved.” 

Angry dad Tony had taken to Twitter to voice his concern.

He said: “Teenage daughter mugged by gang, dials 999. Met Police will investigate. We hear nothing. Ring 101. Rec message.

“Find out names of gang.

“Send to police… nothing. Police station closed/luxury flats. Not seen a real policeman for years.”

He continued: “Apparently if you want to see a policeman you go to Planet Organic on a Thursday between 6-7pm. Theresa May I wish you would come and reassure my daughter as the gang stole her passport and have her address. Also reported. Nothing from Met Police.”

Police are battling a surge in violent crime on our streets.

Officers blame the fact that 20,000 officers have been cut since 2010.

We approached Jessie for a comment but she did not respond.