East Midlands Airport has been closed due to a plane’s undercarriage collapsing after takeoff.


East Midlands Airport has been closed due to a plane’s undercarriage collapsing after takeoff.

Today, EAST MIDLANDS Airport was closed due to a technical issue with a plane landing.

A Harvard T6 jet’s undercarriage is said to have fallen this morning at the airbase in northwestern Leicestershire.

The plane had to be removed from the grass by the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The plane is gently carried to safety on a crane, as shown in photos.

According to Derbyshire Live, no one has been hurt.

However, radar scans from earlier in the day showed 24 planes loitering above the airport, waiting for clearance to land. Flights from Guernsey are among them.

As the Harvard plane touched down, Anthony Rose, 42, stood there observing.

“I was just observing when I saw the Harvard fly by,” he explained. I couldn’t find anything about it on the Fight Radar, which I thought was strange.

“The next thing I heard was a huge crash and screech, like if a car had broken down or a wheel had spun, and I could see the plane spinning on the runway.

“It was a complete shock. I’ve never witnessed a plane crash. It wasn’t a pleasant sight to behold.

“We heard on the radio that the airport had been closed, but we also heard that the crew was fine, which was fantastic to hear.”

“A Harvard T6 aircraft (reg. KF183) utilized for training purposes encountered a technical issue with its undercarriage upon landing at East Midlands Airport this morning,” an airport spokeswoman said.

“Our fire departments arrived quickly, and the two crew members were uninjured.

“The aircraft, which is now parked on the grass near to the runway, is being removed, and normal operations will resume shortly,” says the statement.

“There was no impact on passenger service.”

The Harvard T-6 is a vintage plane kept in a hangar at East Midlands Airport by Rolls Royce.

Between 1938 and 1954, it was made.


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