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Dutch Evelien Langeveld enjoys shower beer after she discovered her boyfriend’s bathroom habit

A Dutch expat living in Sydney has filmed herself enjoying a cold beer in the shower after she discovered her Australian boyfriend’s ‘unusual’ habit.

Evelien Langeveld, who resides in Bondi in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, said she never knew a ‘shower beer’ existed during the four years of living in Australia until she recently found an empty bottle sitting in the bathroom of her boyfriend’s apartment.

Upon questioning him, the boyfriend explained that he likes to unwind with a well-deserved beer in the shower after a long day of work, leaving her ‘confused’.

Since sharing her now-viral TikTok video of her culture shock, the 34-year-old – who moved from Amsterdam to Australia four years ago after quitting her marketing job – has taken on the Aussie tradition to see what the hype is all about. 

After trying out the shower beer for the first time, Evelien told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I absolutely loved my shower beer, but I must say I’m more of a social drinker. I’d rather share a beer with friends instead of having one in the shower by myself.’ 

Speaking about her now-viral video, she said: ‘I honestly never expected it to go viral like this… My partner and I had so many giggles about this.’

In her new TikTok video, she can be seen turning on the taps, before hopping into the shower with a cold beer. 

‘Many people replied to my shower beer video, saying “try one… have one, it’s really really good… just try it and you’ll see it for yourself…” so I did,’ she said.

Her latest footage prompted many Australians to reminisce their all time favourite pastime, while others insisted shower beers are ‘absolutely the best feeling’.

‘There is literally no better feeling than having a cold one in the shower at the end of a hard day,’ one man said, while one woman added: ‘I have a shelf built in to my shower just to hold my drink.’

Another person said: ‘Only one beer? Come on. Big day – two beers. Cheers.’

Many suggested enjoying a shower beer on a hot day, with one saying: ‘It’s better after a 40-degree day’, to which Evelien responded: I’m going to have to wait for summer then.’

Her latest video comes just days after she made headlines around the world for sharing a light-hearted TikTok video of herself explaining the tradition behind a ‘shower beer’ after she spotted an empty bottle in her boyfriend’s bathroom.

‘This is something I’ve never heard of before I came to Australia,’ she said.

‘So I only recently started dating my boyfriend – he’s Aussie. When I was at his place for the first time, I went to the bathroom, I saw this… beer… in his bathroom. I’m like “why is there an empty beer bottle in your bathroom?”

‘He’s like “oh I just had a shower beer the other day”. I’m like ‘a shower beer?’ and he’s like “yeah, yeah, a shower beer”. A shower beer? What’s a shower beer?’

Her boyfriend cleared up her obvious confusion by explained the tradition involves enjoying a well-deserved beer in the shower after a hard day’s work.

‘He’s like “it’s really nice when you’ve had a long day, you worked outside in the cold and it was rainy. Then you get into the shower and it’s nice and hot, and you just have this nice, cold shower beer”,’ she recalled.

She said she couldn’t help but burst out laughing, saying: ‘Well I’ve never heard of this before.’

‘It’s very Australian, like one of our best kept secrets,’ another person added, while one woman confirmed: ‘Hubby has a shower beer and I have a bath wine. It’s great.’

However, some Australians admitted they have never heard of a shower beer.

‘A first for me and I’m in Queensland,’ one said, while another added: ‘I’m Australian and I’ve never heard of this but people will drink beer anywhere so…’

And Australians are not the only ones who enjoy a shower beer after a long day. 

Many people from around the world revealed they have been enjoying shower beers in their own countries, including Canada and New Zealand.

‘It’s a thing in Alberta, Canada. Been forever,’ one man said, while another added: ‘We have shower beers in Canada too.’

‘We do this in New Zealand too. I’m a big fan of a shower snack,’ one said, while another revealed: ‘My New Zealand partner does the same thing. There’s even empty bottles under the bathroom sink.’

Others explained that shower beers are basically a ‘bloke’s version of a bath wine’ for women, while some insisted ‘shower beers are life changing’.

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