During the voyage, train passengers are given live yoga instruction from the convenience of their seats.


During the voyage, train passengers are given live yoga instruction from the convenience of their seats.

A TRAIN COMPANY has made traveling more relaxing by offering live yoga workshops on board.

Travelers on the Heathrow Express were treated to sessions with yoga expert Celest Pereira, who created a 12-minute seat-yoga and meditation program to assist passengers relax.

The program was created so that passengers of all ages and abilities can safely execute the exercises from their seats, and it is said to be the first time a yoga class has been held on a moving train.

The ‘Tranquil Train’ carriage hosting the sessions was decorated with fresh eucalyptus and lavender to fill the carriage with relaxing fragrances to get travellers in the correct frame of mind.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, a survey commissioned by Heathrow Express discovered that more than half of public transportation customers find travel stressful.

“Travelling can be a really intense experience,” Celest Pereira said. “There’s a lot going on, a lot of things to think about, and it’s extremely deadline driven, so it can be a very intense experience.

“By holding these courses, we hope to reduce those tensions and assist passengers in being present in the moment, feeling less overwhelmed, and releasing any physical tension.”

“There’s no reason why travel can’t be relaxing – and it’s often just a matter of training your brain to think in new ways.”

“And that’s mainly what these meditation and yoga sessions are aimed at doing — clearing passengers’ brains through breathing exercises and certain body stretches.”

The research of 2,000 respondents also identified the most inconvenient parts of travel, such as delayed departures (52%), and congestion (52%). (48 per cent).

Missing planes, trains, or buses (47%) causes stress, as does attempting to locate a seat (43%), and thinking that you’ve forgotten anything important like your passport or tickets (40 per cent).

Other concerns include becoming lost (38%) or being separated from your luggage (33%), as well as missing flight announcements (29 per cent).

So it’s no surprise that 72% of respondents want operators to do more to make public transportation more enjoyable.

“I have such a busy life and typically glance at my phone on the train – but today I fully switched off,” Joe Bence, a 26-year-old Londoner who boarded the Heathrow Express ‘Tranquil Train,’ said.

“The class was a pleasant diversion from my daily routine; it brightened my day.”

“I enjoy travelling to new places, but I’m not too keen on the travel element – it’s too hectic and rushed,” Talitha Lindo, 31, also from London, remarked.

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