During the row, Prince Charles is said to have called Edward a “idiot” because he “behaved badly.”


During the row, Prince Charles is said to have called Edward a “idiot” because he “behaved badly.”

Prince Charles is believed to have dubbed Edward a “idiot” during the spat because he “acted terribly.”

According to a documentary, Prince Charles became upset and branded his younger brother a “idiot” after the Earl of Wessex invaded Prince William’s privacy.

When Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were born, some claim they were like a second family to the Queen. Princess Anne had been born almost a decade ago, and Prince Charles, who was almost a year old at the time, was away at school. The Prince of Wales’s age difference is widely believed to be one of the main reasons he never got along with Andrew and Edward, and rumored brotherly feuds have gotten a lot of attention over the years.

The Royals at War, a 2019 Channel 5 documentary, recalls one of Charles and Edward’s most ferocious feuds, which allegedly occurred in 2001 after the Earl of Wessex intruded on the Prince of Wales’ son, Prince William’s, private.

“When Prince William was at university, and the Palace had sent out a very strict issue to the media, there was going to be a procedure when Prince William arrived, and then the press were to leave the Prince alone,” royal author Katie Nicholl claimed.

“One camera crew decided to stick around.”

According to royal author Penny Junor, Prince Charles’ press secretary noticed a film crew loitering outside the University of St Andrews, where William had chosen to study.

She continued, “They replied, ‘We work for Prince Edward, so you know, we have permission to be here.'”

“She replied, ‘You certainly haven’t,’ and the whole thing burst into a ruckus.”

According to Ms Nicholl, this caused Charles to phone Edward and tell him, “in no uncertain terms, that he was an idiot, and probably a few choice words other than that.”

“The message was very clear: ‘You have acted inappropriately,’ she continued. “Get out of St Andrews as quickly as possible.”

Despite the feud, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles’ other brother, is said to have had a more difficult relationship with him.

The Queen’s apparent bias toward the Duke of York, according to the documentary, may have fostered the rivalry between the two.

Throughout his childhood, the Queen’s firstborn was estranged from his parents.

Following the coronation, the Prince was placed in the care of nannies due to Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s busy schedules.

On the other hand, Prince Andrew had a very different relationship with his father. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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