During the project’s introduction, Meghan Markle spoke out against disrespecting “Britishness and the Royal Family.”


During the project’s introduction, Meghan Markle spoke out against disrespecting “Britishness and the Royal Family.”

MEGHAN MARKLE has been chastised for starring in a parody of ‘Britishness and Royal Family’ at the inauguration of the Duchess of Cambridge’s new mentorship initiative.

Meghan Markle has been slammed for her new 40×40 initiative’s launch video, which “parodies Britishness and Meghan’s role in the Royal Family.” Meghan announced the project earlier this week, asking people to volunteer 40 minutes of their time to provide career coaching to women looking to return to work. The Duchess of Sussex announced the 40×40 plan in a video to commemorate her 40th birthday, but Royal Editor Rebecca English of the Mail believes the launch material will be “controversial.” Ms English told Mail Plus: “This is where I think the film may be slightly problematic.”

“It does show Meghan and, as you say, her ‘beastie,’ Melissa McCarthy doing a comedic skit to the video conversation between them to publicize this initiative. “But it truly caricatures Britishness and Meghan’s status in the Royal Family.

“Melissa McCarthy has a fantastic show about wearing a hat and drinking tea from a cup.

“I observed Meghan is having a cup of tea without milk, which I mean…ooh…controversial on just one front alone.

“But I think the parody of Britishness and the Royal Family will make people feel little uncomfortable,” she said, after royal analyst Angela Levin slammed Meghan for her “absurd” mentorship program.

Angela Levin was invited to speak with Colin Brazier on GB News about Meghan’s latest Archewell effort.

“It’s soo phoney, isn’t it?” Ms Levin said to the GB News host.

“It’s crazy to believe that a poor woman who hasn’t been able to find work and is out of work will listen to someone teaching her how to do everything in 40 minutes.

“Because it’s completely implausible.”

“And it was persuading 40 pals to do it,” she continued. “She didn’t say, ‘I’ll do it,’ so you have to read between the lines with Meghan.”

“We’ll all be looking for someone who is unemployed.”

“I mean, to think you could influence someone’s life in that way is ludicrous.

“And, I believe, highly demeaning to job seekers who send out hundreds of requests.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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