During rush hour in London, an eco mob blocks the Old Street roundabout, causing a ruckus among vehicles.


INSULATE BRITAIN activists are causing yet more chaos after blocking another busy London road as part of their long-ranging protests.

The activists are now stopping traffic around Old Street roundabout.

Video footage on social media shows the protestors sat in a line across the road holding “Insulate Britain” banners.

They are also yet again preventing ambulances from responding to emergency incidents in the capital.

Earlier this week, the High Court heard more than 100 Insulate Britain protesters have been served with an injunction against road-blocking demonstrations.

Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion offshoot group have caused chaos for motorists over recent weeks by blocking major roads including the M25 and the M4.

Despite three court injunctions being put in place, the demonstrations have continued in and around London.


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