During PMQs, Speaker Hoyle screams at an MP for continuously checking his watch. ‘Big Ben is outside!’ he exclaims.


During PMQs, Speaker Hoyle screams at an MP for continuously checking his watch. ‘Big Ben is outside!’ he exclaims.

SPEAKER Lindsay Hoyle furiously rose from his seat to chastise a Tory MP for interrupting Prime Minister’s Questions by constantly checking his watch.

Following the disclosed Whatsapp exchanges, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer attacked Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the last Prime Minister’s Question before the summer holiday, joking that COVID-19 made you live longer. However, during an assault on the PM for attempting to avoid self-isolation after being chastised by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Tory backbencher Jonathan Guills was seen gesturing to his watch, which was taken to mean the opposition leader was taking too long. Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons, screamed across the chamber and scolded the MP for his impolite behavior.

Sir Keir challenged the Prime Minister during a tense PMQs session about his attempts to avoid self-isolation after Mr Javid contracted COVID-19.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced that they will participate in a new pilot program in which they would be subjected to daily testing rather than seclusion, allowing them to continue working.

The Government reversed its plan after public uproar, forcing Mr Johnson to stay at Chequers and deliver PMQs remotely.

Sir Keir launched an assault on the Prime Minister in response to the events, but a raucous House of Commons reacted angrily to the Labour leader, forcing Sir Lindsay to interfere.

“Mr Gullis, I don’t need any support or assistance from you,” he yelled across the Commons.

“It might be better for you to glance at Big Ben outside instead of here the next time you point to your watch.”

Sir Lindsay informed MPs at the close of PMQs that the current session was lasting longer than normal, and that they should stay to the time frame better.

During the final PMQs of the term, Mr Johnson made a series of embarrassing technical gaffes, prompting Sir Lindsay to suspend the session until the television volume was fixed.

To the amusement of his colleagues MPs, Mr Johnson was compelled to repeatedly whisper down the microphone until he could be heard.

Following the BBC interview with former assistant Dominic Cummings last week, the Prime Minister was bombarded with questions.

Mr. Cummings has been critical of the government since leaving office in November 2020, but he has now disclosed more about his time there. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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