During a royal role investigation, Princess Anne yelled to a reporter, “I didn’t ask to be a princess!”


During a royal role investigation, Princess Anne yelled to a reporter, “I didn’t ask to be a princess!”

PRINCESS As the Princess Royal struggled with life in the spotlight, Anne acknowledged to a BBC documentary that she “hated” the royal walkabouts as a teenager.

Princess Anne has long been recognized as one of the Royal Family’s more reserved members, and she reportedly did not appreciate her “celebrity status” while she was a working royal. The Queen’s daughter, according to The List, “particularly despised” royal walkabouts, in which members of the Royal Family walk through crowds to greet the public. The Princess Royal confessed in a BBC broadcast in 2018 that she “hated” the custom when she was a teenager.

“While other royals may appreciate their celebrity status and growing up in the spotlight, Princess Anne is not one of them,” The List claimed.

“She once yelled at an interviewer, “I didn’t ask to be born a princess!” according to Great British Life.

“Although Anne grew up before social media, public criticism was strong enough even before Instagram and Twitter.

“One facet of royal life she despised was the expectation of taking part in royal walkabouts to meet and greet the public.”

“We despised them, can you imagine as teenagers?” she recalled in the BBC documentary ‘The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story.’

“This isn’t the kind of thing you’d volunteer to do…

How many individuals prefer coming into a room full of strangers and then attempting to navigate a street?”

Princess Anne’s public popularity has risen dramatically in recent years, and she is now the sixth most popular member of the Royal Family, according to recent YouGov polls.

During the 1970s and 1980s, she was known for being rude to photographers and avoiding journalists when attending formal events.

She notoriously urged photographers to “naff off,” and she once hid in a horsebox to avoid the press in the 1980s.

Members of the press criticized her straightforward attitude to royal duties, and Prince Philip reportedly said, “If it doesn’t fart and eat hay, she’s not interested.”

Princess Anne “doesn’t tolerate fools well,” according to Sebastian Coe, who relayed the story of Princess Anne calling a committee member “the stupidest person” while her microphone was still on in the ITV documentary “Princess Anne at 70.”

Despite the fact that it has received negative press. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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