During a quarrel over Prince Charles’ pudding, the Queen fired the nanny.


During a quarrel over Prince Charles’ pudding, the Queen fired the nanny.

According to newly discovered stories, the Queen fired a nanny after a squabble over her eldest son, Prince Charles.

Nannies play an important role in the Royal Family, with practically every member of the Firm being looked after by staff as a child.

They frequently become more than just employees, and are frequently welcomed into the family. Former nanny Tiggy Pettifer, who attended both of Prince William and Harry’s weddings, was incredibly close to them.

Harry is said to have asked her to be Archie’s Godmother.

However, as a few occurrences over the years have revealed, things do not always operate well.

After a weird occurrence when Prince Charles was a child, the Queen had to fire one of his nannies.

‘Long Live the Queen!’ is written by Bryan Kozlowski. From Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch, here are 23 rules for living.

He described the nanny’s meticulous attention to Charles’ food.

“It’s reported she enjoyed tormenting the Palace kitchen with her rigorous standards,” he stated.

“Dishes for young Charles were routinely refused or altered depending on Nanny Lightbody’s own preferences.

“Eventually, the Queen had had enough and sacked her.”

One particular instance appears to have been the final straw for Her Majesty, and it all began with a “special pudding” – or lack thereof.

“In 1956, the Queen sent the nursery a modest request that Charles, who was then eight years old, be offered a particular pudding she thought he would like,” Mr Kozlowksi stated.

“Nanny Lightbody declined, crossing the desert off the menu, and earning the wrath of the Crown.

“No one makes a note of the Queen’s request.”

Ms Lightbody, according to the royal biographer, made the Prince of Wales a picky eater.

Due to his high expectations, Charles has been dubbed “the most pampered of all royals.”

According to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who featured on MasterChef Australia, he does not eat three meals a day.

According to reports, Charles has his chef follow tight instructions on how to prepare his breakfast.

The Prince’s egg requests were recounted in Jeremy Paxman’s book On Royalty.

“Because his crew was never quite sure whether the egg would be exactly the right hardness, a series of eggs were boiled, then placed out in an ascending sequence of numbers,” Mr Paxman writes.

“If the prince thinks number five is too runny, he can knock the top off number six or.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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