During a passionate GB News rant, an HGV driver shortage was blamed on the government, which was described as “very stupid.”


During a passionate GB News rant, an HGV driver shortage was blamed on the government, which was described as “very stupid.”

Howard Cox, creator of Fair Fuel UK, has blasted Boris Johnson’s government for not sending the army sooner in the face of persistent petrol supply shortages.

The creator of Fair Fuel UK, Howard Cox, has slammed the government’s handling of the HGV driver shortage amid ongoing gasoline supply disruptions. Long lines for gasoline have been reported in London and the South East, as the army has been sent to meet the demand for tanker drivers. Mr Cox told Nigel Farage on GB News that the army should have been called in much earlier in the crisis, and he blamed Boris Johnson’s government for their ineptness.

Mr Cox told GB News that the government was “absolutely incompetent” in handling the petrol situation.

“It’s scandalous!” he raged.

“The point is that we had this virtue signaling the don’t panic call by [Transport Secretary] Grant Shapps, and we all know what would happen if you said don’t panic.”

“We got a call asking the army to be on standby, but what does it mean?!?” Mr. Cox went on “These guys are already tanker drivers in the army, driving both gasoline and diesel tankers.

“Yes, they will need to know how to dip a tanker and maneuver on a forecourt, but that will just take a morning of training.

“Why weren’t they out there right away, securing crucial regions and vital arteries?

“It’s ludicrous,” he said again, “it was utterly incompetent.”

Despite reports of huge lines for petrol in some parts of the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday that the fuel problem is “abating.”

When asked about Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s warning that shortages could last till Christmas, Mr Johnson remarked, “Rishi is always accurate in whatever he says.”

“It depends how you perceive what he’s saying,” he quickly added.

Over the next week, about 100 trained drivers and 100 support troops will be deployed. The Petrol Retailers Association applauded the decision.

The fuel crisis, according to Brian Madderson, chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, is mostly hurting London and the South-East.

Mr Madderson said there were only “one or two dry areas” north of London, and that while “overall progress” had persisted, the situation in London and the South-East remained challenging.

“It’s all really to do with,” he stated to Sky News. Brinkwire Summary News “..


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